The Band

Sedona is one of Northern California's hardest working rock bands, regularly headlining nightclubs up and down the West Coast, as well as performing as the support act for some of the music industry's top names. The band has appeared on some of California's most revered stages, such as The Fillmore, The Great American Music Hall, Slim's, and the 10,000-seat Redwood Amphitheatre.

The band is comprised of the four original members: Mike Fox (lead vocals, guitar, & keys), Raymond Fox (bass & vocals), Mark Holley (guitar & vocals), and Darrell Hale (drums & vocals).

In August of 1999, the San Francisco Chronicle listed Sedona as one of a dozen artists worth downloading in an article entitled "THE MP3 REVOLUTION - A Universe Of Talent (Downloading new music can yield unexpected discoveries). In July of 1999, CNN featured Sedona in a segment covering the changing face of modern music, and how the Internet and distribution sources like are changing the way the music business is run. Bassist Raymond Fox was interviewed as the band's music and images from their websites were broadcast to millions of viewers around the world.

The band has a considerable online presence, consisting of the Official Sedona Website, the long-running Sedona Folder on AOL, the Sedona page, a fan-constructed Sedona Fan Club Site , an E-Mail List containing hundreds of subscribers, plus the active Sedona Listserv boasting participants from all over the United States and beyond. Recently, three tracks off of Sedona's latest release, Dragonfly, snagged slots on the Top 100 Rock Chart. Another track off the album was selected from over 50,000 songs to be included on's "103 of the Best Songs You've Never Heard" compilation CD, distributed to a quarter million people.

The band's new Enhanced CD features eleven new songs and an impressive display of cutting-edge interactive technology. The lyrical content of Dragonfly was primarily written by singer Mike Fox, and gives a glimpse of the personal experiences with life and death, joy and tragedy that Fox faced during the creation of Dragonfly.

The interactive portion of Dragonfly was co-produced by Mike Fox and his twin brother, Raymond. Working with unproven technology, the brothers pioneered new computer techniques to create a musical and visual masterpiece. With the release of this sharply produced and technologically savvy CD, Sedona has begun to promote Dragonfly both nationally and in overseas markets.

The primary songwriter and lead vocalist for Sedona, Mike Fox attended California State University, Sacramento as a music major and went on to pursue a career as a performer and composer. Mike has received years of professional vocal training from some of the best instructors in the business including Judy Davis and Seth Riggs. No stranger to the limelight, Mike was cast as Tower Records' on-camera spokesman, appearing in national television commercials airing nationwide.

Bassist Raymond Fox is also the graphic artist behind Sedona's visuals, and was responsible for the digital artistry of Dragonfly's virtual worlds. His design work on Sedona's Drift album received top honors at the 1997 Addys.

Lead guitarist Mark Holley has played guitar ever since he could pick one up. Mark is also a connoisseur of fine guitar gear, with an enviable collection of vintage Les Paul's, Telecasters and Strats. His current amplifier set-up was custom designed by the industry's top gear guru, Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics in Los Angeles.

Drummer Darrell Hale began playing a drumset when he was six years old, before his feet could even reach the pedals. Darrell pursued a music career in New York City, but eventually returned to his native California to complete the Sedona lineup.